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Autosmart Red 7 5ltr

Red 7 is a highly effective, yet pH neutral, wheel cleaner that turns red on contact with metal particles, such as brake dust. Added gloss enhancers leave wheels looking like new. Red 7 is completely safe on even the most delicate wheels and brake discs, including ceramics, Alcoas and Dura-Brights.
£48.99 inc VAT

Silver King 400ml (Autosmart Silver Paint)

Autosmart Silver King is a spray paint designed to give great results when touching up or rejuvenating engine parts, wheels and car accessories.
From £5.99 inc VAT

Finish 5ltr (Autosmart water based dressing)

Autosmart Finish 5ltr is water-based tyre and trim dressing with silicone for both protecting and rejuvenating vinyl, rubber and plastic.
£38.99 inc VAT

Highstyle 5ltr (Autosmart oil based dressing)

Autosmart's Highstyle is a versatile oil based dressing. Leaves a weather resistant finish for all tyres, vinyl and plastics, inside and out. Unbeatable gloss and lustre.
£39.99 inc VAT

Highstyle Non Silicone 5ltr (Autosmart)

Autosmart Highstyle Silicone Free Trim Dressing is the ideal product to protect and rejuvenate vinyl, plastic and rubber.
£41.99 inc VAT

Smart Wheels 5ltr (Autosmart non acidic wheel cleaner)

Autosmart Smart Wheels is a heavy duty, acid free wheel cleaner that removes stubborn brake dust and grime.No longer in stock Autoglym equivalent acid free wheel cleaner litre
£33.99 inc VAT
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