Autoglym's Basic equipment to assist the professional valeter in achieving maximum effect with minimum effort.



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Autoglym Applicator

or High Definition Cleanser. Pro Tip: Always use damp. If the applicator is dropped it should be discarded.
£5.59 inc VAT

Autoglym Blue Microfibre Cloth

A quality microfibre cloth form Autoglym that can be used over and over again & machine washed.
£2.10 inc VAT

Autoglym Hard Polishing Buff Pad

Autoglym Hard Polishing Buff Pad. 6.5 inches / 160mm OUT OF STOCK
£8.99 inc VAT

Autoglym Medium Polishing Buff Pad

Autoglym Medium Polishing Buff Pad M160C 160mm or M125C125mm
From £7.99 inc VAT

Autoglym Soft Polishing Buff Pad

Autoglym Soft Polishing Buff Pad S160 (160mm) or S125c (125mm)
From £7.99 inc VAT

Autoglym Trade Hi Tech Microfibre Drying Towel

Autoglym's Hi Tech microfibre Drying Towel will greatly assist to dry vehicle exteriors. Extremely absorbent and will reduce drying time. 60cm x 60cm. (Does not come in outside casing)
£7.99 inc VAT

Autoglym Velcro Back Plate

Autoglym Velcro Back Plate for polishing buff pads
£7.49 inc VAT

Perfect Polish Applicator by Autoglym

New from Autoglym! For precise application and even coverage of all polishes and dressings. Each pack contains two applicator pads.
£6.99 inc VAT

Autoglym Floor mats (200)

Autoglym floor mats which give valeters a professional finish. Approx 200 in each pack
£31.99 inc VAT

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