Autoglym High Definition Wax 150g

Manufacturer: Autoglym
Autoglym's High Definition Wax will give your car a great shine but it will also give a long lasting protection to your paintwork. Contains Carnauba Wax. RRP £44.99
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    A perfect combination of elements (Carnauba + microcrystallines, waxes + saturated hydrocarbons and oils) and many years of development in the laboratory gives a super quality finish with exceptional durability  
    Offers the most lasting protection against all environmental contaminants such as salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain and industrial fallout. High Definition Wax is free of all abrasives, water & emulsifiers. The complete kit contains the ideal components for perfect results every time. 

    You should get at least 35 applications!

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    Box Contents:

    1 x Pot of High Definition Wax 150g
    2 x Application Sponges
    1 x Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth


    You should clean your paintwork to a high standard as the High Definition Wax will act as a sealant. If required use Autoglym Bodywork Shampooand Conditioner and Super Resin Polish. For best results use High Definition Wax in the shade on a cool surface.
    Apply wax sparingly with a light circular motion using the supplied red applicator sponge which must be pre-dampened before use. Spread High Definition Wax uniformly over the entire surface.
    Leave wax film to dry on the surface for ten to fifteen minutes. Buff the dry wax film to a high gloss, using the supplied Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth, tirning the cloth frequently.

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    Autoglym High Definition Wax 150g Autoglym High Definition Wax 150g
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    Picture of Autoglym High Definition Wax 150g without cloth & Applicators
    Autoglym High Definition Wax 150g without cloth & Applicators