Autoglym Accessories

Autoglym's Basic equipment to assist the professional valeter in achieving maximum effect with minimum effort.



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Autoglym Applicator

or High Definition Cleanser. Pro Tip: Always use damp. If the applicator is dropped it should be discarded.

Autoglym Blue Microfibre Cloth

A quality microfibre cloth form Autoglym that can be used over and over again & machine washed.

Autoglym Hard Polishing Buff Pad

Autoglym Hard Polishing Buff Pad. 6.5 inches / 160mm OUT OF STOCK

Autoglym Medium Polishing Buff Pad

Autoglym Medium Polishing Buff Pad M160C 160mm or M125C125mm

Autoglym Soft Polishing Buff Pad

Autoglym Soft Polishing Buff Pad S160 (160mm) or S125c (125mm)

Autoglym Trade Hi Tech Microfibre Drying Towel

Autoglym's Hi Tech microfibre Drying Towel will greatly assist to dry vehicle exteriors. Extremely absorbent and will reduce drying time. 60cm x 60cm. (Does not come in outside casing)

Autoglym Velcro Back Plate

Autoglym Velcro Back Plate for polishing buff pads

Perfect Polish Applicator by Autoglym

New from Autoglym! For precise application and even coverage of all polishes and dressings. Each pack contains two applicator pads.

Autoglym Floor mats (200)

Autoglym floor mats which give valeters a professional finish. Approx 200 in each pack