Clay Detailing Complete Kit

Manufacturer: Autoglym
This Autoglym Clay Bar Kit contains a Surface Detailing Clay Bar together with an instant detailing lubricant (Rapid Detailer).
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    Why use a detailing clay? Before polishing your car you must be happy that the surface is smooth and free from contaminants such as tree sap. If not then detailing clay is the perfect product to ensure the smooth pre polish paintwork is achieved before the all important polishing stage is undertaken

    This kit contains a Surface Detailing Clay Bar together with an instant detailing lubricant (Rapid Detailer). Use in conjunction to remove embedded road grime, tar, tree sap, overspray, industrial fallout and other common paint contaminants. 
    The Surface Detailing Clay Bar safely removes contaminants by grabbing the dirt leaving the surface ready to be polished, the kit contains 100ml of Autoglym Super Resin Polish which is perfect to bring your paintwork up to a brilliant shine once the clay has worked its magic. Follow the instructions below (on product box) and view the demo clip below to make sure you are using the clay kit to maximise its effect.

    Autoglym recommend that the clay kit is used in conjunction with the superb Autogylm High Definition Waxand High Definition Cleanser.

     Kit Contains:

    • Rapid Detailer - 500ml
    • Surface Detailing Clay Bar - 100g
    • Super Resin Polish - 100ml
    • Microfibre Cloth
    • Perfect Polishing Cloth


    Spray the Rapid Detailer over the paintwork to act as a lubricant. Run the clay bar over the same area. The clay bar’s sticky putty consistency will lift up and remove dirt on the car’s bodywork. You will soon find out that your car wasn’t as clean as you thought it was. The clay will pick up tar flecks and road grime of hundreds of motorway miles. As with a chamois, you can fold over the soft bar and re-use it, and a supplied tin ensures that the specialist tool doesn’t become too dirty in storage.

    You also get a cloth to dry off the spray, as well as a small tub of Super Resin Polish and a microfibre cloth with which to apply it. In all, it means you can get a factory finish on a budget. You can now glide your fingers over your clean paintwork and it will be smooth to the touch!

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