Autoglym Fast Glass 500ml

Manufacturer: Autoglym
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Autoglym Fast Glass provides a super spray-on cleaner for rapid window cleaning – both inside and out.
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    Autoglym Fast Glass is one of our best sellers due to the simple fact that it is so easy to use and gives superb results! Silicone free so will not leave smears on the glass when cold which can cause safety issues in winter. Simply spray on and wipe off any smears or marks to leave brilliant glass, works on all plastic and glass windows. See the handy tips and video demo clip below.

    We sell the full Autoglym retail rangeat great prices,  We deliver anywhere in the UK for a delivery charge of just £3.95, free if you spend over £50!

     Handy Tips: Use one paper cloth to spread over the surface and another dry paper cloth to remove. Do not allow product to dry. Excellent for removing insects and bird droppings from paintwork where immediate washing is inconvenient. Re-polish treated paintwork surfaces.Remember to lower the windows to clean the edges.As a final task, use on wiper blade edges to remove accumulated grime.Always clean the windscreen after shampooing your vehicle to neutralise the effects of shampoo glossing agents.

    The same product is available in the Autoglym trade range under the name Window Clean 5ltr. If you are a car cleaning professional contact us on 01423 851668 or email us at to discuss your requirements and see if you qualify for a trade discount code!


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