Autoglym Liquid Hardwax 1ltr

Manufacturer: Autoglym
Autoglym Liquid Hard Wax is discontinued but Extra gloss Protection is the equivalent product to use
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     Autoglym Liquid Hard Wax is exactly the same as Extra Gloss Protectionand is ideal for the protection of your car paintwork. Formulated with tough synthetic resins and waxes it imparts a brilliant long-term finish. Ideal to protect your car against the elements and is suitable for all types of car paintwork and metal trim. Liquid Hard Wax is a great value way to buy Extra Gloss Protection!

    If you would like to achieve the ultimate paintwork finish, as demanded by the perfectionist - this is the product for you. Autoglym Liquid Hard Wax is an extra tough, protective sealant that contains a complex blend of hard resins and waxes. Treated surfaces are protected with a super-tough finish to keep paintwork looking brilliant for longer. This durable deep gloss film is suitable for all types of automobile paintwork, including metallic, clearcoats and water based finishes.

    Unlike a polish, it contains no cleaning or polishing agents and should only be used on clean, dry, blemish-free paintwork, ideally pre-treated with Autoglym Super Resin Polish. The resultant highly durable, deep gloss finish provides an extra tough barrier against most environmental conditions. 

    • Imparts a long term weather-resistant finish
    • Easy to apply
    • Seals the finish of the vehicle
    • Effective up-selling opportunity to generate additional income
    • Works brilliantly alongside other Autoglym products e.g. Radiant Wax Polish
    • Makes cleaning easier on future washes


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    Autoglym Liquid Hardwax 1ltr
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