Valet Accessories

A full range of valet accessories designed to make it as easy as possible to use with our products!

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Picture of Autoglym Hi Tech Flexi  Water Blade

Autoglym Hi Tech Flexi Water Blade

The Autoglym Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade incorporates amazingly flexible structure together with a patented wiping design RRP £19.99
Picture of Autoglym Hi Tech Interior Microfibre

Autoglym Hi Tech Interior Microfibre

The Autoglym Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre will keep your car looking spotless inside. The cloth can be washed, dried and re-used over and over again with no loss of performance. 40cm x 40cm
Picture of Hi Tech Polish Applicator

Hi Tech Polish Applicator

The Hi-Tech Polish Applicator has been specially designed to make the application of Autoglym polishes even easier.
Picture of Jumbo Sponges

Jumbo Sponges

Super absorbent. Specifically designed for cleaning tough grime. Suitable for hand-washing of cars, caravans, boats and around the home.
Picture of Leather (Autosmart flunky)

Leather (Autosmart flunky)

Flunky (Artifical leather) is long lasting and easy to maintain giving the ideal dry finish.
Picture of Microfibre Cloths (Autoglym)

Microfibre Cloths (Autoglym)

Microfibre for Interiors,Glass and Paintwork.
Picture of Polish bottle 500ml Autosmart

Polish bottle 500ml Autosmart

500ml Autosmart bottle with flip/Sprout top.
From £2.39
Picture of Polish sponge (Autosmart)

Polish sponge (Autosmart)

The Autosmart Polish Sponge is designed to take the effort out of polish applications.