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Picture of Silicone Spray 450ml

Silicone Spray 450ml

Autoglym Silicone Spray instantly shines and protects vinyl, plastic, rubber, metal, glass, leather and many other materials. With Subtle Apple fragrance. Autoglym's RRP £6.25
Picture of Screenwash 5 Litre - Autoglym

Screenwash 5 Litre - Autoglym

Autoglym Year Round Screenwash complete in 5 ltrs.
Picture of Window Clean  Autoglym

Window Clean Autoglym

Autoglym's window clean is highly effective for rapid cleaning of automotive and domestic windows.
Picture of Screenwash 25ltr Autoglym

Screenwash 25ltr Autoglym

A highly concentrated, dilutable screenwash for clear vision in all weather conditions. Provides effortless removal of road film, salt residue and fly squash.
Picture of Autoglym Trade Wheel Brush

Autoglym Trade Wheel Brush

The uniquely constructed tool will stand up to the toughest cleaning jobs and is highly resistant to chemical attack from heavy duty cleaning solutions.
Picture of Interior Sponge Autoglym

Interior Sponge Autoglym

High quality interior sponge. Ideal for cleaning all the upholstery within a car including vinyl,leather and carpets.
Picture of Jumbo Sponges

Jumbo Sponges

Super absorbent. Specifically designed for cleaning tough grime. Suitable for hand-washing of cars, caravans, boats and around the home.
Picture of Microfibre Cloths (Autoglym)

Microfibre Cloths (Autoglym)

Microfibre for Interiors,Glass and Paintwork.
Picture of Hi Tech Polish Applicator

Hi Tech Polish Applicator

The Hi-Tech Polish Applicator has been specially designed to make the application of Autoglym polishes even easier.