Autosmart Wax 170g NEW

Manufacturer: Autosmart
Autosmart Wax is a highly concentrated blend of 4 grade waxes.
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    Autosmart Wax is a highly concentrated blend of 4 carefully selected premium grade waxes including Candelilla and Carnauba.

    Autosmart Wax does not contain abrasives or water. Autosmart WAX effortlessly creates a perfect jewel-like “glass” finish, free from greasy swirls or blemishes on any colour vehicle. It is highly durable, leaving a deep shine that lasts for months and having exceptional beading properties.
    Unlike some premium wax products, Autosmart’s new WAX is extremely fast and easy to apply and remove, there is no dusting and it will not mark plastic trim or rubbers.

    Its very easy to apply but you must wait 15 min for the wax to cure and the bonding agents to work before removing, please dont be fooled by the small 170 gram tub, since only a very small amount is used this is the equivalent to40-45 applicationson a medium-sized family car, if applied correctly and using the recomended Autosmart polish sponge which is available seperately, this one tub will last many years!

    * Apply sparingly to cool, clean paintwork using a soft damp sponge
    * Allow 10-15 mins for product to cure to a haze
    * Buff off with a soft clean microfibe cloth (available seperately)

     Carnauba Wax is used as a vehicle wax as it is one of the hardest naturally occurring waxes which, when applied to vehicle bodywork, produces a durable and highly gloss shine to your vehicle.The effect of Carnauba Wax is to help further disguise any swirl marks, or micro scratches in the paint.On a well maintained paint surface the effects are awesome, giving a stunning wet-look finish.

    Candelilla wax is also used in varnish to protect wood and we know how hard varnish is.Candelilla is found in Mexico and is formed on shrubs, plants and cactus, to protect them in the hot dry desert, this is why it has excellent properties along with the carnauba and the two secret waxes in protecting your paintwork.

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