Autosmart are the largest trade suppliers of vehicle cleaning products. They will have every solution to meet your cleaning needs.

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Clay Towel from Autosmart

New Autosmart Clay Towel! Lasts up to 5 times longer than clay bars. Quickly removes contaminants and overspray.

Clear Glass 500ml

Autosmart Clear Glass is a rapid sprayable glass cleaner.

Cut Back 5Ltr (Autosmart Paint Restorer)

Autosmart Cut Back is excellent for easily restoring dull and oxidised paintwork by hand. No longer in stock equivilant Autoglym Radiant wax 5litre
£38.99 inc VAT

De Icer 400ml Autosmart

A concentrated, methanol-free de-icer aerosol, which is effective down to minus 20. Formulated to prevent the screen from re-freezing. Also suitable for use on frozen locks.

Evo 1 1ltr (Autosmart Polishing Compound)

A low dusting formulation designed to leave a high quality, high gloss finish. Ammonia free.
£25.99 inc VAT

Evo 3 1ltr (Autosmart Polishing Compound)

A 2–in-1 compound which removes scratches and polishes paintwork to an intense gloss finish. Ammonia free.
£25.99 inc VAT