Commericial & industrial vacuum cleaners

Numatic range of commericial & industrial vacuum cleaners.

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George GVE370-2

The true "all in one" machine that is totally at home be it in the wet or the dry.

Harry HHR200A

Harry the new member of the Henry and Hetty family, designed and incorporating important extra features for pet loving people.

Henry HVR200A

The World Famous Red Henry. Over 5 milion Henrys have now been made in Chard.

Hetty HET200A Vacuum

Hetty (short for Henrietta) is not just a pretty face, she has all the Henry features and specification: giant TwinFlo’, long life, 2-stage motors.

Industrial wet & dry WV570-2

When the need is for bigger but still portable commercial wet or drys, the 570 series sets entirely its own standard.

James JVP180A

James is now, without doubt, one of the most frugal, professional cleaners available, with power saving in excess of 50% over previous models.