Leather Conditoner & Protectant 1ltr Autoglym

Manufacturer: Autoglym
Autoglym Leather Conditioner & Protectant 1ltr is ideal for leather upholstery and trim. Use on vinyl/plastic dashboards and trim to impart an enriched natural sheen. No longer in stock
  • subtitles Full description
    • Nourishes the leather to leave a soft, supple, crack free finish
    • Carefully blended pH neutral formulation, effectively moisturises without leaving greasy residue but a natural matt look
    • Contains surface proofing agents to protect against marks and staining
    • Approved by Jaguar Land Rover
    • Attractive leather fragrance
    • Silicone free


    • Effective upselling opportunity to generate additional income
    • Protects leather against soiling to make future cleaning easier
    • Generates the wow factor to enhance customer experience
    • Suitable for use in silicone free environments e.g. bodyshops

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