Paint Pro Collection Starter Kit by Autoglym

Manufacturer: Autoglym
Discontinued by Autoglym. Please see their new kit - Rapid Renovator
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    The system is the product of three years development, which involved extensive market research in the UK. Designed to simplify professional paint rectification, the Paint Pro system is ideal for correcting minor defects such as light scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, bird-dropping marks, water marks and holograms. Using a renovating compound (Paint Pro Renovate) followed by a refining compound (Paint Pro Refine), the two-stage system returns a vehicle's paintwork to a flawless finish far more quickly than conventional three- or four stage systems.

    The Paint Pro system and accompanying accessories are supplied in the all-in-one Paint Pro Collection. This includes:

    Paint Pro Renovate (1 litre), the abrasive compound for use in the first stage of the system, which safely, quickly and effectively ‘exfoliates' a layer of the clear-coat to remove the defect. This can be easily distinguished by its white cap and label and is to be used with the supplied white medium-density buffing pad.

    Paint Pro Refine (1 litre), the finishing compound for the second stage of the system, gently returns the treated paint surface to a glass-smooth gloss finish using the supplied 

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