Instant Ceramic Coating 5L

Manufacturer: Autoglym
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Autoglym Instant Ceramic Coating is a quick and easy way to add protection to your paintwork.
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    Ceramic Coating is a quick and easy way to add protection to your paintwork. The ceramic hybrid formula quickly bonds to the paintwork with a simple spray and microfibre buff. The tropical scented coating product offers up to 3 months of durable hydrophobic protection, and the unmistakable deep gloss finish will make your car stand out from the crowd.

    How to Use

    Do not apply in direct sunlight or if paintwork is warm to the touch. For best results do not apply in temperatures over 25°C. Can be applied to wet paintwork but for maximum durability apply when dry.

    1. Wash the car thoroughly and remove any fallout with Magma or Clay Detailing Complete Kit.
    2. Shake well. Work on wet or dry painted surfaces in an area no larger than a shoulders width apart.                  For dry cars: Spray sparingly directly onto paintwork or onto a clean microfibre cloth or applicator and spread. For wet cars: Spray sparingly directly onto paintwork and spread with an Autoglym InstaDry. Two to three sprays per panel is sufficient, no more than two on smaller panels.
    3. Take a clean Hi-Tech Microfibre Finishing Cloth and buff to a high gloss before moving to another area of paintwork. Use additional cloths as required.
    4. A second coat may be applied, allow 24 hours between applications.

    How isCeramic Coating different from other Autoglym waxes and sealants?

    It provides a durable, high gloss protective finish normally associated with ceramic coatings but with a quick and easy application method. Different protection products all have their pros and cons and often the right choice of protection comes down to personal preference.

    Ceramic Coating has the advantage of being able to be applied on to a dry or a wet surface so if the vehicle is being detailed, the coating can be used as a last stage rapid protection offering or if the vehicle is being maintained, during the wash stage it can be applied directly after rinsing the shampoo to add an extra layer of protection.

    How long does it last?

    The durability of any coating can be impacted by many factors, such as mileage driven, weather, and climate, products used for aftercare and how well the surface was prepared prior to application. If all instructions and recommended guidelines are adhered to, Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray will provide up to three months of protection.

    Can Rapid Ceramic Spray be used on glass and plastics?

    No, Rapid Ceramic Spray has been designed specifically for paintwork and colour coordinated plastics only.

    How will I know when it is time to reapply?

    When the car is cleaned and the surface holds water for more than one minute, this is a sign that Rapid Ceramic Spray should be reapplied.

    Is there any benefit to multi-layering? Will it increase protection?

    It is possible, but there is a limited gain from doing so. It is not something we would recommend. On-going cleaning with a Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and periodic applications of UHD Wax would be more effective. 

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