Sanitary Bin 20 Litre

Manufacturer: P&L Washrooms
This feminine Hygiene Bin, sleek in design offers quick and easy servicing. (Front Opening) Dimensions (mm) 567 x 541 x 156
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    Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Bin 20 ltr

    Designed to offer quick and easy servicing, the unique range of bins are sleek in design, making them simple to wipe down without dirt traps. All products also include a robust carrying handle for easy relocation of multiple bins. This feminie bin also offers end users a comfortable, easy to use feminine hygiene solution, with a front opening flap and large wrap around pedal.

    - Contemporary design, with family cues
    - Robust carrying handle for reduced service time
    - Clean white finish
    - Wall mounting bracket for easy floor cleaning
    - Large 20 litre capacity for reduced servicing
    - Engineered with robust performance in mind and manufactured from tough ABS
    - Discreet, low friction modesty flap
    - Tool free security access
    - Large, wrap around pedal for simple activation
    - Front opening flap for positioning flexibility
    - Bag tidy for discreet liner use

    Dimensions (mm): 567 x 541 x 156

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    Sanitary Bin 20 Litre
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    Picture of Sanitary Bin 20 Litre  Freshguard Powder 3kg 150 Sachets
    Sanitary Bin 20 Litre Freshguard Powder 3kg 150 Sachets

    BI-CHEM® Freshen LB is a dry formulation for biological control of odours associated with solid
    wastes contained in sealed sanitary bins.

    When Freshen LB is applied to the empty bin, the first benefit to be noticed is the pleasant orange
    citrus fragrance. This fragrance is widely accepted for washroom products, slowly released from the
    natural carriers and compatible with the microorganisms.


    • Contains BI-CHEM® Freshen technology to bind to odour molecules

    • Contains a complex consortium of safe micro organisms specially selected for their ability to metabolise  organic molecules associated with malodour

    • Contains a blend of natural mineral carriers well known for their ability to bind moisture and volatile inorganic molecules

    • Pleasant orange-citrus fragrance

    • Convenient packaging for ease of use

    • Easy and safe to dispose of

    • Long lasting and cost effective

    Directions for Use

    Use one sachet per sealed bins with a capacity
    between 10L or 20L. For larger bins, use several
    sachets. Each sachet will remain effective for up
    to 4 weeks during use. Sachets are sealed and
    are not to be opened at any time.


    3kg plastic bucket containing 150 porous sachets in a polyethylene bag (150 x 20g)


    Shelf life : 1 year
    Odour : Orange-citrus
    Weight of 1 sachet : Approx. 20g
    Dimension of 1 sachet : 8 x 8 cm
    Total count : 5 x 108 cfu/g