Smart Wheels 5ltr (Autosmart non acidic wheel cleaner)

Manufacturer: Autosmart
Autosmart Smart Wheels is a heavy duty, acid free wheel cleaner that removes stubborn brake dust and grime.No longer in stock Autoglym equivalent acid free wheel cleaner litre
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    Autosmart Smart Wheels is a heavy duty, acid free wheel cleaner. Foaming “Hi cling” formulation with excellent deep cleaning performance removes stubborn brake dust and grime.

    • Powerful "Active Foam" Formulation
    • Removes Stubborn Brake Dust & Traffic Film
    • Fast, rust free results
    • Suitable for alloys and plastic trims
    • Dilution 1:3 for a strong solution, 1:5 for a weaker mix
    • Biodegradeable
    • Not Suitable for Anodised or bare alloy surfaces
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