Autoglym Bodywork Gift Pack

Manufacturer: Autoglym
Autoglym New Valet Kit - Includes :- Bodywork Shampoo Cond 325ml Super Resin Polish 325ml Extra Gloss Protection 325ml
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    Autoglym New Valet Kit  includes :-

    Bodywork Shampoo Cond 325ml - Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is a pH neutral formulation. It is packed with active ingredients which clean your vehicle, without stripping away any polish or wax you have previously applied.

    Super Resin Polish 325ml - Super Resin Polish restores gloss to dull surfaces. Light scratches, swirls, stains and scuffs vanish leaving your paintwork like new. It is suitable for all types and colours of paint. It is simple to use and will never dry hard or become difficult to remove.

    Extra Gloss Protection 325ml - Extra Gloss Protection is a durable, easy to use sealant that forms a barrier, sealing polish in and dirt out.

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