Autoglym Interior Cleaners & Exterior Cleaners

Autoglym Interior Cleaners & Exterior Cleaners for all interior and exterior cleaning and washing operations, combined with minimised personal risk and environmental impact.

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Acid Free Wheel Cleaner Autoglym

Acid Free Wheel Cleaner (No.24) is a powerful and dilutable acid free formulation, ideal for cleaning wheels without the need for agitation on sites where acid based products are forbidden. This is a completely new formulation. 25ltr

Autoglym Advanced TFR 25ltr

Autoglym's Advanced TFR has outstanding cleaning properties, high foam content, is easy rinsing and features glossing agents to leave an excellent finish.

Autoglym Heavy Duty TFR 25ltr

Autoglym's strongest ever TFR. It has excellent cleaning power and has been designed for use on chassis’, engines, wheels and curtain sides.

Autoglym Waterless Detailer 25L

Waterless Detailer has been designed specifically for cleaning lightly soiled cars when access to water is restricted or banned.

Brushwash 25 Litre Autoglym

Brushwash is a neutral and biodegradable TFR formulation for use with brush wash equipment.

Glass Polish Autoglym

Autoglym Glass Polish formulation offers improved cleaning power, reduced dusting and introduces unique anti-misting properties. Available in 5ltr only

Hyperfresh Crushed Berries 450ml

Autoglym's new powerful fragrance spray giving a refreshing sweet blend of crushed berries.

Sanitiser 5ltr Autoglym

Autoglym Sanitiser cleans and disinfects hard surfaces and has been developed specifically for food and catering vehicles.

Autofresh Concentrate 1 Litre

Autoglym Autofresh is an in-car air freshener for direct application to vehicle interiors. The non-staining spray formulation contains a long lasting, refreshing fragrance.