Autoglym Paintwork, Plastic and Rubber Care

Autoglym Trade Paintwork, Plastic and Rubber Care.

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Autoglym Tyre Dressing

New Tyre Dressing is a solvent-free formulation with safety and cost benefits. Application is quick and easy by spray or brush. It can be used on wet or dry tyres with minimal fling.

Autoglym Waterless Detailer 25L

Waterless Detailer has been designed specifically for cleaning lightly soiled cars when access to water is restricted or banned.

Rapid Renovator 1ltr

Autoglym's Rapid Renovator 1ltr will restore a vehicle’s paintwork to an as new appearance.

Rapid Renovator Complete Kit

Autoglym's Rapid Renovator Complete Kit contains everything that is required to restore a vehicle’s paintwork to an as new appearance.

Autoglym Radiant Wax 5ltr

Autoglym Radiant wax is exactly the same as Super Resin Polish! It restores and protects in one operation leaving an outstanding deep gloss finish.

Hi Tech flexi water blade (Trade)

This is the same as the retail flexi blade without the packaging and at a better price! The Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade

Leather & Trim Conditoner 1ltr Autoglym

Autoglym Leather Conditioner & Protectant 1ltr is ideal for leather upholstery and trim. Use on vinyl/plastic dashboards and trim to impart an enriched natural sheen. No longer in stock

Superglym Polish 5 Litre

Unfortunately Autoglym have discontinued this product.

Autoglym Express Wax 5 Litre

Express Wax is designed to impart a brilliant smear-free finish on ALL exterior surfaces, even when the vehicle is wet. Superb results are achieved without having to spend time making sure the vehicle is totally dry!