Autosmart Dressings Range

Autosmart Dressing range which includes their Plastic & Rubber Care range. 

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Finishing Touch 500ml

Automsmart Finishing Touch 500ml protects and rejuvenates vinyl, rubber & plastic trim. Excellent on tyres.

Leather supplement 400ml Autosmart

Autosmart's Leather Supplement is a rich cream leather feed designed to protect new leather and rejuvenate old leather as new.

Silicone Spray 400ml Berry Fruit Autosmart

Autosmart Berry Fruit silicone spray is an aerosol dressing ideal for all interior vinyl and plastic trim.

Smart Dash 400ml - Autosmart Dressing

Automsart Smart Dash 400ml is an aerosol dressing that instantly restores the appearance of interior trim. Use on wood, vinyl, chrome, bumpers, etc.

Dash Dandy 400ml (Autosmart interior dressing spray)

Autosmart Dash Dandy 400ml aerosol leaves a dry finish for that original showroom look. Contains plasticizer to maintain the suppleness of vinyl dashboards and trim.

Smart Trim 400ml (Autosmart dressing aerosol)

Smart Trim is an Autosmart aerosol dressing that is specifically designed with the ‘detailer’ in mind due to its controlled spray pattern.It protects, enhances and restores to an "as new" appearance.