Autosmart Paintwork Care Range

Autosmart Paintwork Care range. Autosmart offer a selection of polishes such as Platinum polish, Cherry Glaze and Mirror Image which are suitable for various paintwork conditions.

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Picture of Autosmart Wax Detail Spray 5ltr

Autosmart Wax Detail Spray 5ltr

This wax detail spray has been designed to gently clean and maintain all valeted surfaces without dulling or scratching. Contains Carnauba wax.
Picture of Clay Towel from Autosmart

Clay Towel from Autosmart

New Autosmart Clay Towel! Lasts up to 5 times longer than clay bars. Quickly removes contaminants and overspray.
Picture of Cut Back 5Ltr (Autosmart Paint Restorer)

Cut Back 5Ltr (Autosmart Paint Restorer)

Autosmart Cut Back is excellent for easily restoring dull and oxidised paintwork by hand. No longer in stock equivilant Autoglym Radiant wax 5litre
Picture of Hazsafe XLS Autosmart TFR - 5ltr

Hazsafe XLS Autosmart TFR - 5ltr

Autosmart Hazsafe XLS is an excellent TFR, which leaves a shiny finish. It is classified as non-hazardous. Suitable for use on brightwork as it is designed to be non-staining
Picture of High Gloss Wash 500ml

High Gloss Wash 500ml

Autosmart's High Gloss Wash 500ml is a deep cleaning shampoo enriched with carnauba wax which leaves paintwork with a high gloss finish.
Picture of New Image 5Ltr (Autosmart Polish)

New Image 5Ltr (Autosmart Polish)

Autosmart's versatile polish - New Image is recommended for use on new and used paintwork, it cleans and polishes to a high gloss shine in one operation.