Autosmart Retail Valet Range have chosen Autosmart because of their high quality range of professional retail products that have been designed to make cleaning your car quicker and easier, yet to give you the best possible results. All the products have been used within a professional trade environment for many years and have proven to be "THE PROFESSIONALS' CHOICE"

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Jelsol 400ml (Autosmart chewing gum remover)

Autosmart Jelsol is an aerosol cleaner for removing chewing gum, grafitti and adhesives from fabrics and glass, floors and walls.

Leather supplement 400ml Autosmart

Autosmart's Leather Supplement is a rich cream leather feed designed to protect new leather and rejuvenate old leather as new.

Protective sealer polish 275ml (Autosmart)

Autosmart Protective Sealer polish is a long lasting polish. (This product is now discontinued)
£9.99 inc VAT

Smart Trim 400ml (Autosmart dressing aerosol)

Smart Trim is an Autosmart aerosol dressing that is specifically designed with the ‘detailer’ in mind due to its controlled spray pattern.It protects, enhances and restores to an "as new" appearance.

Tyre Dandy 400ml (Autosmart foam tyre dressing)

Autosmart Tyre Dandy is a foam tyre dressing giving the fastest way to restore an 'as new' appearance to tyres.
From £5.99 inc VAT