We give you Autoglym, Autosmart and Meguiars. These brands will ensure that you have every product needed to valet your car to the highest of standards. Look no further than the fantastic range of products brought to you by UK SUPPLY DIRECT.

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Picture of Polar Blaster

Polar Blaster

Polar Blaster is a unique foam gun designed to work in harmony with all Polar Series products, providing the speediest way to safely pre-wash, wash and protect your vehicle. Karcher K Series compatible connector included, for other attachments view our accessories page. Unavailable until July
Picture of Instadry


A super-absorbent, specially coated microfibre cloth for a quick, streak-free finish on paintwork and glass.
Picture of Magma 500ml

Magma 500ml

Colour Transform Technology reacts with iron particles on your bodywork and wheels so they can be easily rinsed away for a deep clean.
Picture of Polar Seal 1ltr

Polar Seal 1ltr

A protective, hydrophobic coating, for a quick and easy high-gloss finish.
Picture of Polar Blast 2.5ltr

Polar Blast 2.5ltr

A rich snow foam applied using a pressure washer or foam gun
Picture of Polar Wash 2.5ltr

Polar Wash 2.5ltr

A safe and effective cleaner for home pressure washers.