Frequently asked questions about AutoSmart products

  • question_answerI only want to buy one AutoSmart polish to do everything Have you a product that will do all these?

    AutoSmart Mirror Image, not only is it a high wax polish, it also has substantial cut for bringing old degraded paintwork up as good as new.

  • question_answerI only want one polish for all the cars here. All our cars are under 3 years old and of high quality paintwork and I also want a product that protects them and last a long time.

    AutoSmart Platinum, quick and easy to use, ideal for putting a gloss back onto cars, even those a few years old, provided the paintwork is of a reasonable quality.

  • question_answerWhat is the best upholstery shampoo to use on heavy soiled interior?

    If using a machine then Auto Smart Brisk Low Foam would be our recommended product. If cleaning manually then Brisk Extra. Bio Brisk is another option for both.