Frequently asked questions about Meguiars products

  • question_answerWhich Meguiar's products should I use on my car?

    The best combination of surface care products for your car depends on a number of factors such as:

    • Your vehicle's condition
    • Environmental exposure (For example, is your car garage kept, parked undercover or exposed 24/7)
    • Local climate conditions
    • Proximity to airports, high traffic regions, and other contributors of transportation related fallout
    • Proximity to active industrial manufacturing companies and their related emissions
    • Your personal car care and appearance goals
    • Type of paint and color, age of car etc.
  • question_answerI need a good all-in-one polish / wax for my car. What would you recommend?

    Cleaner Wax, Gold Class Wax or NXT Tech Wax

  • question_answerWhat's the difference between the Motorbike Metal Polish and the NXT Metal Polysh?

    Motorbikes have components which are highly exposed to the elements and to higher temperatures. As a result the Motorbike Metal Polish is more durable and able to withstand motorbike exhaust pipe heat!

  • question_answerWhat's the difference Maguiars consumer and professional products?

    Our professional products have been formulated for use by paint and body shop professionals, typically with a high speed rotary buffer. Untrained use could lead to more damage than improvement. Our consumer line has been developed for simple straightforward use by hand or with an orbital buffer and application is completely safe in all situations.

  • question_answerWhat should I use to apply and remove Meguiar's products?

    Ideally we would recommend applying our products with a foam applicator pad or an even coat applicator pad and removal with a 100% cotton terry towel or a Supreme Shine Microfibre.

  • question_answerHow often should I use a Maguiars paint cleaner?

    It is important to deep cleanse your paintwork at least once a year. This will remove light oxidation, minor staining and the inevitable build up or waxes and silicones. After an application of Deep Crystal System Paint Cleaner followed by a polish and wax, your paint colour will be richer and its gloss deeper.