Numatic vacuum cleaners

  • What is the difference between Henry and Hetty?
  • There is no difference apart from the colours. They both share the same specifications.
  • Is Henry machine suitable for wood, laminate and tiled floors without scratching?
  • Yes, this model is suitable for hard floor cleaning.
  • What warranty do I have on Numatic Vacuums?
  • They have a 2 year warranty. Please contact us first. 
  • Why is the Henry vacuum so popular? 
  • Part of the appeal of Henry Hoover is his all-round versatility, which makes him a powerful ally in cleaning and hoovering the modern family home. The long, extendable power lead makes Henry Hoover the perfect tool for cleaning multiple rooms in one go, without the need to repeatedly unplug and move Henry Hoover around the house. Henry Hoover is also small, compact and lightweight, which, when combined with a powerful cleaning motor, gives Henry Hoover a key advantage over other types of vacuum cleaner.