The Kent Car Care range of products brings you great value on a quality range of valeting accessories.

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2 in 1 Microfibre Wash Pad by Kent

Microfibre noodles on the front attract and lift dust and dirt whilst protecting surfaces. The mesh on the back removes stubborn stains, bugs and grime.

Alloy Wheel Brush by Kent

Great Quality, Known Brand Hard Wearing Soft Bristles This Brush is better then you would think for the price. It will not leave scratches and is durable.

Detail Brush By Kent

This specialist, extra soft nylon bristle brush is for the enthusiast to clean difficult to reach corners and crevices. Especially suitable to safely remove wax and polish residue. Overall length: ca. 175mm

Flexy Water blade by Kent

This water blade removes surplus water fast and efficient, safe on all paintwork