Numatic Vacuum Cleaners

Numatic is our chosen supplier  for our range of vacuum cleaners. One of Numatic's most popular products are known as the Henry vacuum cleaners, which are known by its large smiling face on the front of the canister. There are two eyes and a mouth and the vacuum's hose forms Henry's nose. Since the launch of the Henry vacuum cleaner in 1981, over 6 million have been produced worldwide. These vacuum cleaners have a reputation for being hard-wearing, reliable and effective in use, and can often be seen in service in commercial applications in schools, shops, offices etc.

There isn’t just the Henry Vacuum Cleaner, Henry is part of a large range of vacuum cleaners. These include a Pink model called Hetty, and Edward, James, Basil, Bertie , Charles, and George. James is the smallest and least powerful of the range up to George which is a larger model with the ability to wet-clean carpets, pick up water as well as a regular dry vac, and all have a smiling face.