Valet Accessories

A full range of valet accessories designed to make it as easy as possible to use with our products!

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2 in 1 Microfibre Wash Pad by Kent

Microfibre noodles on the front attract and lift dust and dirt whilst protecting surfaces. The mesh on the back removes stubborn stains, bugs and grime.

Alloy Wheel Brush by Kent

Great Quality, Known Brand Hard Wearing Soft Bristles This Brush is better then you would think for the price. It will not leave scratches and is durable.

Autoglym Floor mats (200)

Autoglym floor mats which give valeters a professional finish. Approx 200 in each pack

Autoglym Hanging Air Freshener

Autoglym Hanging Air Freshener. Fruity Fragrance

Autoglym Hi Tech Microfibre Drying Towel

The unique construction of Autoglym's Hi Tech microfibre material greatly assists when used to dry vehicle exteriors. 60cm x 60cm

Autoglym Trade Wheel Brush

The uniquely constructed tool will stand up to the toughest cleaning jobs and is highly resistant to chemical attack from heavy duty cleaning solutions.

Autosmart 1.5 Ltr Pressure Sprayer

Autosmart 1.5 ltr Pressure Spray is a durable, long lasting hand pump sprayer for the pressurised application of non-caustic chemicals such as G101 All Purpose Cleaner.No longer in stock equivalent is Pressure Sprayer 1.5 Ltr (pump action)

Autosmart 1.5 Ltr Solvent Resistant Pressure Sprayer

Autosmart Heavy Duty 1.5 litre pressure sprayer by Auto Smart. The tough, solvent resistant reservoir with durable metal inner nozzle makes this ideal for using strong chemicals such as Ali Shine and Active XLS.

Extra Large Microfibre Drying Towel (Kent)

Perfect for drying your vehicle after washing, 5 square feet of microfibre to make light work of a time consuming job!