Autosmart are the largest trade suppliers of vehicle cleaning products. They will have every solution to meet your cleaning needs.

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High Gloss Wash 500ml

Autosmart's High Gloss Wash 500ml is a deep cleaning shampoo enriched with carnauba wax which leaves paintwork with a high gloss finish.

Interior Sponge (Autosmart)

Autosmart interior sponge is designed to make it easy to clean all areas of an interior including upholstery, carpets and dashboard.

Leather Care & Clean 500ml

Autosmart Leather Care & Clean 500ml cleans, conditions & restores leather leaving it smooth & supple with no sticky residue.

Luxury Wax Polish 500ml

Autosmart Luxury Wax Polish gives a superior high gloss finish on all types of paintwork. Removes fine scratches.

Midnight 5ltr - Autosmart Black Dye

Autosmart Midnight is a spirit based grey/black dye to restore the ‘as new’ appearance to carpets, mats and tyres.
£45.99 inc VAT

New Image 5Ltr (Autosmart Polish)

Autosmart's versatile polish - New Image is recommended for use on new and used paintwork, it cleans and polishes to a high gloss shine in one operation.
£39.99 inc VAT